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Theory Of The Four Yugas - 1028 Words

Kristin Hager Professor D.T. Reusser Mythology- HUM 2143 29 April 2017 Theory of the Four Yugas Lasting four million three hundred twenty thousand years, are four ages known as Yugas. The ancients understood time as a circle, not linear. Each age has distinct themes and spiritual lessons. According to the Hinduism scriptures, all mortal beings are destined to pass through four great epochs in every cycle of creation and destruction. The world has already been through the first three and is currently passing through the fourth Yuga. It is believed that the world will end in a great conflagration after the last Yuga. To some, this appears too unrealistic to be true for the rational mind, so many may wonder: What defines each age? When and†¦show more content†¦The people had all fallen prey to delusion and all pious acts had been swallowed by greed.† Scientists have predicted that by the end of this Yuga people will hardly be older than twenty years and their only food will be meat. It’s depressing to say that our society’s actions are progressively getting worse as we continue to live during each age. It’s freighting to think of what is going to happen in the future. According to, one cycle of all four Yugas is called a Maha Yuga, and one thousand Maha Yugas make up one Kalpa. A Kalpa constitutes just one day of Brahma, the creator god. After the day is over, Brahma goes to sleep, and then the night of Brahma commences. This night is the time period when the physical universe, along heavens and hells are destroyed by fire emanating from the mouth of Vishnu s serpent Adiseshan. Adiseshan is said to hold all the planets of the universe on his hoods and to constantly sing the glories of the God Vishnu from all his mouths. It is believe that after the disaster that Lord Brahma would recreate the universe and mankind will live once again. MostShow MoreRelatedAkilathirattu Ammanai3350 Words   |  14 Pagesof previous yugas that are associated also with other Hindu puranas, Ithihasas etc. The God-heads namely Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Parvati, Skanda, and Ganesh were all found part of mythology throughout the scripture. The book starts with the explanation given by Vishnu to His consort Lakshmi about the evolution of Universe, life forms and subsequently of human beings, and the reason for his multiple-arrivals to earth. It is said that there is a total of 8 aeons or yugas and we areRead MoreThe Feminist Literary Criticism : Women s Struggle Against Evil And Masculine Forces Essay1671 Words   |  7 PagesLakshmi, the goddess of learning as a perfect duty minded. From our mythology, we understand that woman plays a key role in the whole world. She is multifaceted. We have four Yugas. Of all the yugas, Kaliyuga is known for sin and evil. The whole world is filled with violence, atrocities and corruption. Women in this yuga are ill-treated, tortured and dominated. We cannot deny the fact that women in India have made a considerable progress after independence, but they still have to struggle againstRead MoreEnd of the World Essay examples2245 Words   |  9 Pagesthis will happen at the end of Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is the last of the four stages that the world goes through as part of the sequence of yugas described in the Hindu teachings. Kali Yuga began at midnight (00:00) on 18 February 3102 BCE on the Julian calendar, or 23 January 3102 BC in the Gregorian calendar. The Kali Yuga is customarily consideration to last 432,000 years. â€Å"Kalki, the final Avatara of Vishnu is also prophesized to appear the end of the Kali yuga, to wage the final battle betweenRead MoreMysteries of Antarctica1738 Words   |  7 PagesNew-Age books altering his perspective of the world. He believed that the current age, Kali Yuga, would end in a global cataclysm. Giving birth to a new world-age called the Satya Yuga. By Sending a Nazi colony to the Neuschwabenland Himmler was ensuring that a remnant of the Aryan race would survive the global cataclysm and become the rulers of the world in the New-Age. According to believers of these theories, the Neuschwabenland colony survived not only the end of War World II, but a battle withRead MoreHindu Mythology2128 Words   |  9 Pagesby dismembering the cosmic man who was known as Purusa. (D.A Leerning, 2001)The importance of this myth is that the caste system is founded in it. The caste system says that certain sections of society are meant by birth for certain tasks. There are four traditional castes of Hindu society which are: priests (‘Brahmins’), nobles (‘kshatriyas’), general populace (‘vaishyas’) and the servants (‘shudras’ ); each was created for observance and performance of certain duties which carry particular importanceRead MorePhilosophy Essay1805 Words   |  8 Pagesin the Hindu perception the cosmos is re-created an infinite number of times. Hence, Hinduism is classified to follow a basic mathematical cycle in which is written as â€Å"One creation, destruction cycle† This is known in Hindu terminology as â€Å"One Maha-Yuga† of the cosmos. This takes approximately 8,640,000 human years. This could also be measured as a one full day in Brahma’s Life. Therefore 8,640,000 human years multiplied by 360 is one year in the life of Brahma or the cosmos. Since it is known thatRead More Hinduism Essay3998 Words   |  16 Pagesis â€Å"Sanatan Dharma†. Sanatan means eternal and Dharma means religion. Hinduism is based on finding acquiring knowledge thought means of science and though the use of yoga, Hinduism is all about finding one’s self-realization. The classical theory of the beginnings of Hinduism traces the religions roots to the Indus valley civilization circa 4000 to 2200 BC. The development of Hinduism was influenced by many invasions over thousands of years. The major influences occurred when light-skinned;Read More Mans Search for the Purpose of Life Essay5493 Words   |  22 Pagessimilar to the one undergone by the soul at the time of ones physical death. We have to rise above body-consciousness. The theoretical knowledge of this process is not enough. Practice is far more important. An ounce of practice is more than tons of theory. So we have to link our soul with the Word. Let us now consider what the Word (Naam) signifies. The Word has two aspects. One is an epithet and the other is that ultimate Power to which the epithet refers. For example, water itself is one thing,Read MoreHistory of Science Technology in Indian Subcontinent5042 Words   |  21 PagesVedÄ nga Jyotiá ¹ £a is a religious text, it has connections with Indian astrology and details several important aspects of the time and seasons, including lunar months, solar months, and their adjustment by a lunar leap month of AdhimÄ sa.[25] Ritus and Yugas are also described.[25] Tripathi (2008) holds that Twenty-seven constellations, eclipses, seven planets, and twelve signs of the zodiac were also known at that time.[25] The Egyptian Papyrus of Kahun (1900 BCE) and literature of the Vedic period

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The Great Puerto Rican Migration - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1506 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/10/31 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: The Great Migration Essay Did you like this example? US history have taken place for many different reasons pertaining to the laws and reasons of the great migrations. Although the immigration of Puerto Ricans isnt nearly as significant as many others, it has made enough of an impact to make it on to the history books. As mentioned by Bill Breisky in Looking for the Promise Land, Compared to historys great population shifts, the Puerto Rican migration to the mainland is not significant. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Great Puerto Rican Migration" essay for you Create order But in America, in this age of immigration quotas, it is a notable phenomenon. The chronicle of the migration is a story of how a partially cooled melting pot is making room for what may be its last great influx from a foreign land. As the time has passed since the first great migration in in the late 1800s, a population of over 5 million Puerto Ricans has formed over all 50 states according to the BEPR. Puerto Rican Immigration to New York in the 1800s was due to an extended period of injustice towards the residents on the island from the Crown in Spain and then later in the 1900s there was mass immigration again to New York due to the economy. Puerto Rico became a colony of Spain in 1508, it remained this way until 1898. In the years that it was a colony of Spain there was no middle class, only a royal class and the majority were poor. The lifestyle of the people was that of a very poor nation, as the crown got richer. This led to revolts and as soon as the United States ceded the Island from Spain in 1898 there was some people that immediately decided to leave. Many of those that wanted to couldnt because they could no afford it. So once Puerto Ricans finally had the right to move to the United States very few of them decided to leave. Although people in the United States attempted to describe Puerto Rico as a glamorous tourist destination, there was a time in the early 1900s that the island suffered a severe economic depression. Poverty was widespread, and very few could afford the expensive trip to the mainland. According to the article in the Library of Congress Immigration in 1910, there were fewer than 2,000 Puerto R icans in the continental U.S., mostly in small enclaves in New York City, and twenty years later, in 1930, there were only 40,000 more. Puerto Rican migration exploded once World War 2 ended. In 1945, only 13,000 Puerto Ricans lived in New York City; but after 1946 there were more than 50,000. That was the breaking point, over the next 10 years more than 25,000 Puerto Ricans started to migrate over each year, topping out in 1953, when more than 69,000 came in just that year. By 1955, there were almost 700,000 Puerto Ricans in the United States and by the mid-1960s, more than a million Puerto Ricans had moved over. From the 40s to the 60s Puerto Ricans viewed the United States as the land of opportunity. The mentality was that they would come to this land where there was a Gold Rush and they would make plenty of money. For some this was certainly the case and they found great success in places such as New York working industrial jobs or in California in the Steel Mill industry. Many found themselves on their way back home to the Island when they realized that they had moved to a culture they didnt understand, to a style of life they did not know to fit into and to an economy that although was rebuilding and booming didnt quite fit the description that they were told when the Industrial Recruiters went to the island to tell the people of these great jobs that were available. As mentioned in Of Immigrants and Migrants, Puerto Rican migrants brought greater social costs because they were entitled to access the American welfare state. In all technicality the movement of Puerto Ricans from the Islan d to the mainland is considered internal migration because Puerto Ricans are born Citizens. They have every major right that someone born in the 50 states has other than voting for congress, unless they move to a state and then they are qualified to vote for congress. This was such a false concept though, to consider Puerto Ricans migrating from the island to the mainland internal migration was far from accurate. They had to make an enormous transition from the Spanish culture to that of a growing developing nation with all sorts of diversity. The first large group of Puerto Rican to move over to the United States found themselves forming communities in cities throughout the country. Some of these cities were Chicago, Philadelphia. However, even though there were Puerto Ricans moving to other parts of the country, since the 1930s, the capital of Puerto Rican culture in the United States was New York City. Although it was far from the Caribbean the ability for Puerto Ricans to use Airplanes to migrate made the move attainable. Puerto Ricans found themselves moving in masses to a specific area of Manhattan, in a neighborhood that eventually was called Spanish Harlem. Most of these men and woman moving over to New York were farm workers in Puerto Rico, yet they had to adapt and so they found themselves getting jobs such as staffing the hospitals, the factories, the hotels, and they soon became a major part of the citys political and cultural life. The migration to the 50 states practically halted in the late 60s and was very slow all throughout the 70s, as a recession led to fewer jobs in large U.S. cities. This caused many of the first generation that moved to the States to start making their return to Puerto Rico. The ones that decided to stay started to run into very common issues for immigrants such as poverty, unemployment, and racial discrimination. As mentioned in the article Immigration, the darker-skinned Puerto Ricans were omitted from jobs and ran into the same issues that most other colored people a that time were running into with housing and education. Another major issue that Puerto Ricans ran into was the language barrier, which at times made it very difficult to find good paying jobs or the ability to go to government agencies and get adequate treatment. Eventually the second generation of U.S mainland born Puerto Ricans came around and new political movements were born as well. This generation of Puerto Ricans started to make the proper moves towards getting granted greater civil rights, such as education and less discrimination in the job market. The most major campaign that this generation brought on was the desire to change the status of Puerto Rico. Finally, the day came in a 1951 referendum, the Puerto Rican population voted and with overwhelming results the island became a U.S. commonwealth as they would rather that over remaining a colony. This was not enough for many Puerto Ricans and groups formed that called for full independence. This led to militant nationalists going as far as firing weapons on the U.S. House of Representatives as they attempted to assassinate President Harry Truman. There were also groups that form to create awareness for the people that remained on the island, which continued to struggle economically. All these tremendous efforts by the first and second generation of Immigrants from Puerto Rico carved the way for the rest of those that decided to keep moving into the 90s and 2000s. There are plenty of institutions such as churches, community centers, schools and businesses built by Puerto Ricans all throughout the country. The Puerto Rican parade is the largest parade for any cultural or ethnical group. Times were tough for many that came looking for opportunity in the United States in the early 1900s, as would be expected for any immigrant or internal migrant. Its never an easy task to leave the comfort of your native city or state so much less would it be an easy task to leave the comfort of your native country and culture and must fully immerse yourself into an entirely new one. Now the new generation all the way into the Milleniums get to enjoy a very normal American life and the immigration efforts of all their Grandparents and Great Grandparents have created a significant po pulation of Puerto Ricans in the USA that has become significant enough to sway elections and become a significant group to keep on your political side in states like Florida and New York according to the article Puerto Ricans in the United States, by the Oxford Research Encyclopedias. This has been a long time coming, many efforts initially came from those that were just trying to find a better life, then came the groups that simply wanted a change of scenery with a mix of those that really needed to find a better life and eventually left us with the generations that are living a very normal life from the day they are born without even having any recognition of why or how they ended up where they are.

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The Modal Cosmological Argument Free Essays

THE REASONABLENESS OF ACCEPTING OR REJECTING THE MODAL COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENT: In this essay I shall explain why it is reasonable to accept â€Å"The Modal Cosmological Argument† as a rational explanation for the existence of God. The modal cosmological argument makes use of â€Å"modal† elements such as possibility, necessary existence and contingent existence to prove that a necessary being – namely God – exists. It also applies to the entire cosmos and all possible cosmoi and therefore deemed to be â€Å"cosmological†. We will write a custom essay sample on The Modal Cosmological Argument or any similar topic only for you Order Now Medieval theologians and philosophers of different religious views have developed the MCA over time. Examples include; the Christian Thomas Aquinas, the Islamic Al Kindi Ibn Sina and the Jewish Moses Mainmonides. * The argument begins with the notion that every existing being or being which existed can either be a contingent being (something that depends on something other than itself for it’s existence) or self-existent. The second premise argues that if every being were dependent one would find that no being at all would ever exist or even come into existence. However, it is clear that some being does in fact exist even if it is only myself and therefore there MUST be at least one being who is independent, necessary and self-existing. * It is this being that we take to be God. This denial of universal dependancy stated in the second premise is known as the â€Å"Cosmological Insight†. The logic behind the cosmological insight can be illustrated using a simple analogy involving train coaches. A coach by nature relies on something else in order to move. If there was a system in which there were only train coaches present, one would find that there would be no motion. It would not matter whether there are an infinite series of coaches attached to one another or if they formed a complex loop. In order to introduce motion, one needs to add something radically different to the system which moves of its own accord. In this case it would be a locomotive. The same logic can be applied to the theory of existence. Contingent beings are unable to â€Å"generate† their own existence and require some sort of force to do this for them- a necessary being or God. * There are a number of possible alternatives to the Cosmological Insight that can be argued. However one finds that all these different notions result in inexplicable brute facts which are defined as facts that have â€Å"no explanation†. * If all beings are contingent then a set of them would have had to at some stage simply â€Å"pop† * into existence causing all the other beings in the cosmos. This idea results in complete and utter mystery as there isn’t anything to explain how the first few contingent beings came about. Before they apparently â€Å"popped into existence†*, there would have to have been a state of absolute metaphysical nothingness which raises the question as to how these beings appeared, since there would have been no resources available to them. One could choose to argue that perhaps contingent beings never had to â€Å"pop into existence† but instead have always simply been. At first this notion appears logical yet upon closer examination one finds it too leads to another brute fact as there is nothing to explain why these beings existed when they need not have done so in the first place. The same reasoning applies to the presence of an infinite series in which every contingent being was caused to exist by another. One could claim that If all contingent beings within this series has a cause and explanation in terms of its existence, then it isn’t necessary for the entire series to also have a cause and explanation- there is no further explanation required and therefore no mystery involved. But the catch here is that one still can’t explain why the infinite series exists when it need not have and so another brute fact arises. Another reason why this alternative is unsuitable is the fact that an infinite series may not even be possible. William Lane Craig demonstrates this idea using the example of â€Å"Hilbert’s Hotel†. * We are asked to Imagine that this particular hotel has an infinite number of rooms and that all these rooms are full. * When a new guest arrives requesting a room the hotel should in theory, be able to accomodate him by shifting each current guest next door until room no. 1 is vacant. * However e are reminded that before this new guest arrived, all the rooms were full thus showing that it isn’t possible for an infinite series to exist. * All these contingency only options result in brute fact. One could argue that there is actually nothing wrong with accepting this and that a brute fact shouldn’t be considered a weakness in the theories stated above. My response to this would be that unexplainable facts violate Principle of Sufficient Reason and are therefore are unacceptable. The Principle of Sufficient Reason claims that anything that happens does so for a specific purpose. In other words, there is an explanation as to why things are the way things are, as opposed to some other way they might have been. PSR therefore serves to support the Modal Cosmological Argument by making brute facts seem insufficient and inconclusive through use of the cosmological insight. It is important to note that accepting the existence of God is not the same as accepting a brute fact because God is the only possible reason as to why there is a contingent order. In order to violate PSR there would have to be another option other than God’s existence that is true and this is not the case. The Big Bang theory, the idea that the universe amounted from nothing and the notion that the universe has simply always existed all fail to explain why contingent beings exist. Therefore the presence of a necessary being is the only feasible option. In â€Å"Why I am not a Christian† Betrand Russell claims that the Modal Cosmological argument is unreasonable as it doesn’t account for where God himself comes from, â€Å"If everything must have a cause, then God must have a cause†. Similarly Richard Dawkins argues that the cosmological argument makes the â€Å"entirely unwarranted assumption† that God himself is i†mmune to regress†. * However it is these objections that are unwarranted simply because God is not in the same explanatory predicament as dependent beings. He is a necessary and radically different bein g who halts infinite regress of explanation ex hypothesi. Thus the MCA still stands. Upon review of the modal cosmological argument one can see that the conclusion of argument is logical and follows from the premises in a understandable manner. Intuitively the premises themselves can be said to be reasonable. The crux of the matter is the fact that the MCA depends on accepting the Principle of Sufficient Reason and thus if one refuses to do so, the entire argument collapses. In my opinion, it is rational to accept PSR because it is precisely what causes us to keep searching for explanations behind contingent facts until we find sufficient reason to doubt that there is an explanation. Decartes stated, â€Å"I think, therefore I am. * and it seems to me, that it is simply human nature to question the reasons behind the way things are. If we didn’t accept PSR life would be filled with unbearable uncertainty and one would find that science and philosophy itself would cease to exist because there would be no motivation whatsoever to broaden our understanding of how things work, their purposes and what causes them. The human race would be far less advanced in terms of knowledge and awareness. Therefore it is undoubtedly m ore reasonable to accept the modal cosmological argument than it would be to deny it. â€Å" How to cite The Modal Cosmological Argument, Papers

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Management Information free essay sample

On September 17, the bank paid the check and charged it against Siegels account. F. Siegel discovered that the check had been paid and informed the bank that the check was postdated for November 14. G. Siegel demanded the funds be returned to his account and the bank refused. H. The bank refused to refund the $20,000 and Siegel sued for wrongful debit of his account. 3. Issue Is the bank required to refund Siegels money because the check was postdated for November 14? 4. Rule Commercial Code 542 (2d ed. 980). If the depositor were permitted to retain benefits, and recover the amount of the check as well, he would profit at the banks expense. Therefore, Section 4-407 provides that upon payment, the bank is subrogated to any rights prior holders may have had against the drawer-depositor, on either the check or the initial underlying transaction, and to any rights the drawer may have against the payee or other holders. We will write a custom essay sample on Management Information or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page G. L. c. 106, Section 4-407. 5. AnalysisThe Supreme Court held that:A. The check was a negotiable instrument. B. The Check was not payable until November 14. C. The bank was negligent in paying it before that date. D. The bank had no right to debit Siegels account. E. Siegel had not waived his rights or ratified the banks action and was not estopped from demanding the $20,000. F. The wrongful debit caused Siegel a loss of $20,000. 6. ConclusionThe Supreme Court held that New England Merchants National Bank wrongfully debited Siegels bank account.

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Why Is Nubia Unknown Essays - Nubia, Meroitic Alphabet, Alodia

Why Is Nubia Unknown? Nubian civalization lasted 4400 years so why is it unkown? There are several reasons some of wich include. The most significant reason is simple predijice. Another reason is it's isolation. Also we have yet to decipher Nubia's writing. Finnally many of the records we have of Nubia were written by it's enemys. It is almost always the conquerers who write the history. As a result many of the ancient records place Nubia in an unfair light, and are not very trustworthy sources. We know Nubian writing, developed in Mero sometime around 170 BCE, is alphabetic. We even know the sound values for each of the letters. However scholars are still unable to decipher the language. Nubia is very isolated geographicly. It is surounded by deadly desert. Cateracts block travle along the Nile river. Its only neighboring civalization is Egyt. Because of this isolation little was known of Nubia in anceint times, except fantastic legends of gold and wealth. By far the greatest reason for are lack of knowledge of Nubian civalization is simple pedjudice. As far back a Greek times the ?black? race has been seen as infieror, and thus unworthy of the attention of historians. Indeed there is little mention of Nubia in the written records of western civalization from the time it was Cristianized in the 6th century till the 19th. Because of this predjidce scholars regarded Nubian civalization as inferior, derived almost completly from the (?white?) Egyptian culture. This lead to claims as far fetched as (?white?) Libian decended kings ruling Nubia. The only reason Nubia began to get some atention by scholars was when dams threatened to flood unexcavated sites forever. Still as late as 1960 only one Americain scholar was working in Nubian study. Thankfully this trend is changing, and we are begining to get a more accurate, less predjudiced History

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Englishh Essay Example

Englishh Essay Example Englishh Essay Englishh Essay AO2: DESIGNING AN INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA PRODUCT Do not increase the size of the font to fill the space! Delete all the hints before you save your work! About the Event: Write a few sentences answering the following questions- 1. What will the event be called 2. Who is organising the event 3. What is the event in aid of 4. Where will the concert be held 5. How will the event raise money My Job: Write a few sentences answering the following questions- 1. What have you been asked to do 2. Why have you been asked to do this 3. Who will you be trying to promote the event to House Style Layout: 1. Choose a background colour for your presentation (it can be a solid colour or a gradient. It can also include patterns or other designs you think are suitable) 2. Choose thefont, size, colourand position for your title text 3. Choose the font, size, colour and position for your main body text Sample content goes here, sample content goes here, sample content goes here, sample content goes here. Sample content goes here, sample content goes here, sample content goes here, sample content goes here. Title House Styling: Use this space to give details of your house style. TIP. Your navigation will most likely be a mixture of hyperlink text and buttons Background colour- Title text font- Title text size- Title text colour- Main body text font- Main body text size- Main body text colour- Navigation- Slide transition- Navigation Plan: Create a tree diagram showing how your slides join together. Add Subordinate (below) and Co-worker (beside) boxes as you need them

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STRATEGIC FAMILY THERAPY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

STRATEGIC FAMILY THERAPY - Essay Example The problematic family development formulation utilizes three models; structural model that focuses on flawed family levels, the cybernetic model and the functional model, which is concerned with how a family member develops symptoms to govern others (Yarhouse & Sells, 2008). Goals for therapy formulation imply that strategic family therapy focuses, not on personality or relationships, but it relies on strategies with a focus on the problem at hand to achieve therapy goals. Condition for change formulation focuses more on action-keeping motivation high and resistance low-to facilitate change. Normal family development is concerned with changing a dysfunctional family structure to a more functional one through examination of the family structure (Yarhouse & Sells, 2008). Reasons for picking the Strategic Family Therapy Theory for the Case of Joe and Beth My counseling style focuses on identifying the root course-symptoms-of a family’s current problem and offering solutions that help fix the problem. Therefore, the Strategic Family Therapy is an excellent choice in as far as the case of Joe and Beth is concerned. There is a need to cure the symptoms or courses of Joe’s infidelity, which is strategically the root course of the problem the family is experiencing. Additionally, Joe seems to argue that, his infidelity-the symptom-is unintentional. How it fits into the theory’s definition of â€Å"normal family development† The Strategic Family Therapy theory disregards the normality concept of family development. However, at some instances, such as Haley and Madanes model, the concept of normality is held with emphasis on distinct family boundaries (Yarhouse & Sells, 2008). It considers therapy as a way in which families can be able to change solutions in the event that they are not working. Therapy should be neutral and be able to alter a dysfunctional family structure and create one that is functional without placing expectations on memb ers. The counseling and therapeutic techniques employed for this case fit into this definition and concept in the sense that; there is a common belief that families always make common but imprudent efforts solve the problem facing them, as is in the case of Joe and Beth. This results in positive feedback loop that worsens the problem (Yarhouse & Sells, 2008). Therefore, a viable option to make is to identify the rules governing the loop, the feedback loop itself and change the rules and the loop. Because of the Strategic Family Therapy, the family is given an opportunity to examine the structure of their own family and be able to better the structure. How it fits into the theory’s development of behavior disorders Strategic Family Therapy theory development of behavior disorders utilizes three models; structural model that focuses on flawed family levels, the cybernetic model-runaway reaction loops and the functional model, which is concerned with how a family member develops symptoms to govern others. Focus is on the effect of the solutions attempted by the family with respect to the problem at hand (Yarhouse & Sells, 2008). Additionally, focus is on the relationship that exists between Joe, Beth and their two sons and how marital and unresolved conflicts in the family aggravate the problem. The counseling style used fits into the theories development since it focuses on the on the symptoms of a problem and how they are developed. Joe and Beth’s Family goals for therapy The first therapy goal for Joe and Beth’s family would be to identify the reasons for Joe’s unfaithfulness. This is a crucial goal for this family’s therapy since the problem they are currently facing is because of it.